Wills & Divorce

Divorce is rarely concluded as swiftly or easily as the participants may wish it to be. Financial agreements can take an excrutiatingly long time to reach a conclusion.

I have found that during divorce people often have very strong feelings about who they wish to inherit their property or assets. They also worry about who would look after the children if they pass away, which is an added stress on top of many other worries.

However, with finances in flux and so many changes, it isn’t the best time to write a new will, simply because it will probably need re writing very quickly.

I will write your will now with a promise to update it for free when your financial agreement is concluded. This gives you the peace of mind of getting your affairs in order without worrying about whether you are wasting your money.

I can help you sensitively in working out how to protect your children and your property. As divorce is an expensive time you are welcome to buy now, pay later or make regular, interest free payments at a rate you can afford.