Online Wills

Online Wills can be a quick and easy method of making your Will but they are only suited to those with very straightforward requirements. If you are at all unsure that this is a suitable option for you, please talk to me first or choose one of my comprehensive services. I’m more than happy to visit you in your home to draft your Will or provide my services virtually if you prefer. If you would still like to make your Will online you will benefit from the following:

· Easy to use system.

· Online payment.

· Cost effective.

· Mirror wills for couples.

· Tailored questionnaires to help you draft your Will.

· Choose the basic Will if cost is the most important factor.

· Upgrade and have your Will checked by me. Your Will is then professionally inspected to ensure that it is correct.

Online Wills are not suited to many people’s situations but they can be useful for those who value convenience and otherwise might not make a Will, particularly if you are not looking to vary the rules of intestacy. Please call me on 07922 231032 or email if you have any questions before using the system or while you are making your Will.

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